From Russell's Desktop - Not to be Outdone by Michael Needham

Feb 13, 2019

From Russell's Desktop: My heart health scare


"Not to be Outdone by Michael Needham"

Many of the NDT customers will have read the story by Michael Needham about his run in with Heart Surgery in the AINDT's Industrial Eye journal.

In this he is not on his own.  In December my Doctor suggested I should have a cardiac stress test and I did not do well in it.  After the ensuing angiogram I was told I was not leaving hospital until after I had had surgery.  I had one artery completely blocked and two others heavily clogged.  The cardiologist told Eileen I could have dropped dead at any time.  Yet I had no symptoms of chest pain or shortness of breath.

Well now I am just on 9 weeks after from surgery, (see my scars) doing the cardio rehabilitation programme (3 days a week) and not feeling as tired as I used to do.  Maybe not going to the office and working from home has something to do with this.

The Moral of the story is take care of yourself and if you do have symptoms do not ignore them.  If your doctor recommends a health check do not shrug it off.  Had I done that it could have been fatal.

My team have been brilliant keeping things moving at RFS while I was off. We have lots of new and exciting products to bring you and we look forward to assisting with your NDT equipment needs this year.