Sonatest Masterscan D70

NEW Sonatest Masterscan D70

The new Masterscan D-70 is a leading flaw detector in it's class. This instrument offers the NDT inspector a fully capable and functional set of tools and software for inspection all applications including encoded B-Scan, Advanced Thickness logging and Dryscan capability in a portable enclosure.   


  • Customisable & Inituitive Menus

  • Split DAC/AVG/DGS

  • Angle Measurement Mode

  • Dryscan capability

  • Configurable on-board software

  • Field Upgradeable

  • Encoded B-Scan

  • A-Scan Fade

  • 4GByte on-board memory

  • USB Interface for PC import/export

  • Video Output for training

Sizing Techniques & Software Options include: 

DAC (Standard)

Defined by up to 20 reference points or converted from TCG curve and digitally drawn on the screen. DAC curves meet the requirements of EN1714, ASME, JIS and many other standards. Custom DAC curves can be selected. DAC dynamic range can be extended by automatically adjusting the reference curve to match the reference gain. Scanning Gain and T-Loss available as separate controls. Amplitude readout is selectable between %FSH, % DAC or relative dB.

Split DAC & DGS/AVG (Option)

Adds up to 3 zones of added gain (+12db, +24dB) to the DAC or DGS/AVG curve to enable single-pass scanning of large sections and attenuative materials. Conforms to EN583-2:2001

TCG (Option)

Time corrected or "Swept" gain, defined by up to 10 reference points or converted from a DAC curve. All points converted to 80% screen height.

Backwall Echo Attenuation (BEA) Option (requires TCG)

0-40dB attenuation applied to the latter part of the time base, to improve the detectability of defects near the back wall and the loss of BWE due to porosity.

AWS (Option)

Built-in calculation and display of factors and parameters required by AWS D1.1

AVG/DGS (Option)

Enables the calculation of pseudo "DAC" curve and equivalent reflector size of UT indications, based on user input of transducer parameters.

API (Option)

On-board flaw sizing method in accordance with API 5UE.

Interface Trigger (Option)

Unlocks the interface trigger gate controls, which hold off the A-Scan acquisition and display until an interface echo is detected within a specific range and amplitude. Used for the elimination of water-path.

Corrosion Software (Option)

Enables complex inspection plans to be uploaded from a PC using the on board UTility software. Features include 2 dimensional thickness logging, storing A-Logs and B-Logs with thickness values, taking multiple readings per location and note creation for each grid location. A B-Scan option available to display bar-graph views of thickness readings taken by Gate 1 against distance or time.

Dryscan Function (Option)

The Dryscan option adds a tuned pre-amplifier to the received signal, allowing comparative transmission testing of composite materials which cannot be inspected using traditional techniques. Used in conjunction with soft-tip and roller probes, no couplant is required, so honeycomb structures or carbon fibre panels are easily assessed for delaminations and disbonds.

Click here to read more in an article that was published in the October 2016 edition of Industrial Eye journal.

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RFS Item Code
FD-MS D-70
NEW Sonatest Masterscan D70
RFS Item Code: FD-MS D-70
RFS Item Code
FD-MS D-70